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This daily journal helps you take a step back and take the time to self-reflect during the Holy Month of Ramadan!It includes everything from keeping track of your salah, to writing down daily goals and allowing yourself to improve throughout the month! We often don't take advantage of this special and holy month, and this journal will encourage you to be proactive in your spirituality this year!

Join over 40,000 Muslims living a spiritually uplifting life through the Ramadan Legacy Planner.

The Ramadan Legacy Planner is designed to help you not only plan and succeed in your personal Ramadan goals and schedule but also live a truly spiritually uplifting life all-year-round. It guides you through a step-by-step 3-month roadmap: before, during, and after Ramadan, that embraces the power of remembrance, spirituality, and self-development.

The planner takes you through powerful, practical, and reflective exercises that will help you gain a better understanding of yourself, your worship strengths and weaknesses, and then create a personalised and organised plan to set, plan and track progress towards your religious goals.

While using the Ramadan Legacy Planner, you will be encouraged to:

  • Plan your life around things that truly matter
  • Set goals that will make you feel truly happy and fulfilled
  • Practice deep self-reflection so that you understand yourself better
  • Start each day with a personalised structured schedule and plan
  • End each day with gratitude and shukr
  • End each day with 

Ramadan Adult Legacy Book (Navy Blue)


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